Tripp Lite Line Interactive UPS, C13 Outlets (4) - 230V, 650VA, 360W, Ultra-Compact Design

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Key Features.

  • Protect Your Electronics with Voltage Regulation, Surge Suppression and Battery BackupLine-interactive UPS offers voltage regulation, surge suppression and battery backup support. It regulates brownouts as low as 170V and overvoltages as high as 280V back to usable levels without using battery power. All four IEC320 C13 UPS outlets offer battery backup, automatic voltage regulation and AC surge suppression. Three front panel LEDs and audible alarm combine to indicate off/on power status, line power availability, battery mode operation, low battery, overload, battery replacement and fault mode.
  • Operate Your Connected Equipment During Short-Term Outages. This UPS supports an entry-level PC consuming 60W continuous up to 42 minutes during power failure condition and a 50% load of 180W for 6 minutes. It also enables users to operate connected equipment during short-duration outages without interruption and shut down without data loss during longer outages. All the UPS C13 outlets receive battery backup.

    1 Year Warranty.

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