Sony Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege PS4 Playstation Video Game

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Sony Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege PS4 Playstation Video Game

Key Features:

  • Engage in explosive 5v5 FPS action, featuring a huge roster of specialized operators, each with game-changing gadgets.
  • Enter the highly specialised world of tactical armed response in an ever-expanding, multiplayer-focused FPS from developer Ubisoft Montreal.
  • Building on the success of their long-running tactical shooter series, Rainbow Six Siege radically advances the combat dynamics with hugely destructible environments and an ever-growing roster of Operators from across the globe, each with unique weapons, gadgets and abilities.
  • Test your nerve across three distinct game modes and more than 20 large-scale maps, each themed after different locations, countries and scenarios, refining your playstyle with your favourite Operators and unlocking new cosmetics to make them your own.
  • Rainbow Six Siege key features-Take on the world with intense 5-v-5 tactical online multiplayer, join forces to bring down enemy combatants in PvE or hone your skills in offline situational exercises.
  • Multiplayer FPS-In Rainbow Six Siege, multiplayer experience is at the center of the game. In teams of five, you'll alternate between attack and defense each round. And even if you are dead you can still help your team through cameras and drones.
  • Tactics-No bots, no respawn. Adapt your attack and defence strategies to suit different operators and locations. Don't forget you are not alone: teamwork will be the key to victory.
  • Destruction-Destructible environments mean you can destroy windows, walls, floors and ceilings. Navigate the map and search for entry points or shooting lines.
  • Operators-For each phase of the game, choose one of the attacking or defending operators, each with their own specific gadget and playstyle.

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