Sony Detroit: Become Human PS4 Playstation Video Game

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Sony Detroit: Become Human PS4 Playstation Video Game

Key Features:

  • Detroit: Become Human is set in Detroit City in 2038 after the invention and introduction of Androids revitalized the city into everyday life. But when Androids start behaving as if they are alive, events begin to spin out of control.
  • As the player, you will embody several characters, amongst which are KARA, CONNOR, and MARKUS. As Kara, you will witness your brave new world turn to chaos as you take on the role of a female service android trying to find her own place in a turbulent social landscape. Whilst you shape the branching narrative as Connor, an Android Cop employed by the human police force to seek out deviant Android such as Markus, a leader of the android group seeking freedom for his people, you will be making choices that will not only determine your own fate, but that of the entire city and possibly beyond.
  • Discover what it really means to be human in a powerfully emotional journey made of choice and consequences.
  • Create your own story: Observe, think, decide, feel, and follow your intuition to tell the unique story for each of three playable characters
  • Choice / Consequences: Confront moral dilemmas, make your decisions and face the consequences as all your choices will affect the story outcome
  • Become Human through the eyes of Androids: Evolve and experience the emerging sense of true emotions and discover what it really means to be human through the eyes of a machine wanting to be free

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