Cursor CP-7042H7 Outdoor Camera

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Key Features

  • High brightness: the output of a single led array is about 1w~20w, hundreds of times more than that of the
  • Conventional single LED, 5 to 15 mw. It has a very far target range.
  • High efficiency: the lightning conversion efficiency of ordinary infrared LEDs is about 10%, and the LED array is as high as 25%.
  • sSall volume: LED array is highly integrated chip, smaller than the ordinary one
  • long lifetime: the life of LED array is 50,000 hours (effective life is 10,000 hours), 9 times longer than the common LED (effective life is 1,200 hours).
  • Homogeneous light: LED array can produce (180°shape) shiny surface. It can solve ” the flashlight effect” of the common LEDs.

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